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Lady’s tripawd adventure

August 11, 2018

Hi everyone! This is the story about my girl Lady. I adopted Lady from SPCA International. Lady is a retired working dog worked in Iraq. While she always found everything she was looking for in her tests, she stopped really wanting to work – “she lost the will to work”. She continuously looked for shade and would rather be playing then actually working. So the kennel master of the company she was working for decided it was best that she become a pet. SPCA International was able to relocate her from Iraq to Michigan where she now lives. I am so thankful to SPCAI and Terry Crisp for allowing me to adopt Lady. She is such an amazing girl!

She is such a fun dog! She loves to play ball and always kicks the ball to you. You can even ask her to kick it to you and she will!

I currently and have had for the past 2 months then feeding Lady Ziwi Peak, I add coconut oil, black seed oil, CBD oil, Golden Paste, and other supplements to help try to eliminate the cancer as much as possible. Unfortunately this did not work, I had just started the ketogenic diet and supplements and the cancer was too aggressive. She ended up having a very large tumor, close to the size of two of my fists put together, and was taken into surgery very quickly after her ultrasound and x-rays exams were completed. The tumor doubled in size in less than a week. It had exploded twice, once on the morning before surgery.

I am extremely thankful to my family for their support and to Lisa and Rambo of Gizmo’s Gift for their continued support of Lady and retired working dogs like her!

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