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My CWD Lady is the bestest!!!

September 3, 2019

Lady has had a rough last few years. In 2015 she was attacked by another dog and had to go through 2 surgeries. Then in 2017 she had surgery to remove a nasty Soft Tissue Sarcoma on her rear left foot.  In 2018 it came back, Stage III. So, we opted to remove the leg to save her life. Her eyes were so bright, there was no denying she had so much life still in her!!! Let me tell you that even the night after her amputation, she followed Henry, the vet tech around the clinic (Thanks Henry for your kind support of my girl), and on the second night she followed Sam around too!!! (Thank you Sam for your love and kindness!!).

It’s been a year and she still has a light in her eyes and the love of her big red ball!!! We are now on the quest for a cart for her. I have chosen Eddie’s Wheels and hopefully we will be ordering today!

Give your furbabies hugs and kisses from Lady and I!!!

4 Responses to “My CWD Lady is the bestest!!!”

  1. admin said:


  2. jerry said:

    Oh Lady, you make our hearts go pitter patter! I’m so glad your people came here to share your story because you my friend are a HERO in so many ways. Thank you for keeping us safe all those years, and for being a great ambassador for Tripawds everywhere. You rock! Get that red ball pretty girl! Go get it! Tell us more about your life, we want to know all about you.

  3. benny55 said:

    LADY!! BEAUTIFUL LADY! YOU ARE A TRIPAWD ROCSTAR PRINCESS!! I could look at your spect pictures all day long!
    You are a powerful inspawration fot anyone just starting this journey. Thank you for sharing your bright eyed unstoppavle gal with us.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. corgiburrito said:

    Congrats on hitting the one year mark! Looks like Lady is a truly amazing little angel. I look forward to seeing her in her cart! 🙂

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